About a year ago I started working on a little pet project: the ℒ (that's the "ell" character) language, a minimal lisp-like core, initially implemented in Java. Based the bytecode of my old Scheme implementation and some other experiments over the years, I'm calling this Java version Jell. I was so busy this last year that I didn't make any progress on it. Today I started working on it again, and its companion Gell, the Go implementation of the same thing. I'll be trying to make some progress weekly, this year.

The Core and VM are described here.

Moved to Github Pages

I've just moved this blog to GitHub pages, so I can manage it more easily than wordpress. I still don't blog much.

Scheme byte code interpreter

I’ve updated my old (and I mean really old) Scheme implementation. I keep it compiling for fun, although I’m working on a new JVM-based implementation. First benchmarked on a Mac Plus. I stopped actively improving it around R4RS, but it does support hygienic macros.

Source code available on Github here.

Something about working on Lisp is fun, as recent Clojure hacking reminded me…

Fixed width coding fonts from Adobe

I’ve tried these out, and they seem pretty nice, actually. Available on GitHub.

I used to like Geneva on my Mac, at 10pt, but at larger sizes and when antialiased, they lose their appeal. I haven’t really found other fixed point fonts I like, until this one.

Clojure Utilities

I’ve been playing with Clojure a bit lately, and found a need for a variety of little utilities, largely with dealing with AWS.

The code in GitHub is here. I’ve also published the jar file on Clojars.

For side-effect oriented stuff like this, Clojure’s lazy sequences have not been that helpful, the code sort of reflects a bit of a struggle to get that right without intruding. I’m still working on it when I get a chance.

Road Trip to the Coast

A view from Cape Perpetua’s lookout

A view from Cape Perpetua’s lookout

I had a nice trip to the coast this last weekend. I drove from Portland to Albany and Corvallis, then headed over to the coast via Highway 34. Curvy and fun! Then south to Coos Bay. The coupe was awesome.

Michelin Pilot Super Sports

I just put some new Michelin Pilot Super Sport tires on the toy car. Big improvement in ride and handling over the Kumhos that were on it before. And quiet, too.

  • Front: 235/40R18
  • Rear: 275/35R18

Toy Fixed

Performed some preventive maintenance (the Guibo flex disk replaced, and the AC fan belt, too), at recent service. The Stuttgart Autotech guys are great!

Toy Car

1999 BMW M Coupe

Now this is fun.

It is a 1999 BMW M Coupe I just acquired. Only 50k miles!